7V Y-Harness


For use with 7V gloves or socks, the Y-Harness is used to make the connection to your 7V batteries. The harness comes standard with the 7V socks. As an alternate to having the batteries in the gauntlet of your gloves, you can use the Y Harness and put your battery in your pocket.


100% Compatible With All Gerbing / Gyde 7V Products

  • 60” lead for both the right & the left
  • This is the same harness that is used with the 7V socks


100% Compatible With All Gerbing / Gyde 7V Products

California Heat 7V Heated Clothing & Accessories are compatible with ALL Gerbing & Gyde products. Also compatible with some other heated brands, however, you must CONTACT US FIRST for compatibility with connecting to other brands.

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