7V Dual Battery Car Charger


A Dual Battery Car Charger for your 7V 2.2Ah and 4Ah lithium ion batteries. Plugs into the standard 12V accessory port of cars, boats, motorcycles, ATV’s, etc. to charge your batteries when you’re away from home.


100% Compatible With All Gerbing / Gyde 7V Products

  • Uses a standard 12v accessory port


100% Compatible With All Gerbing / Gyde 7V Products

Note: Charger cannot charge two different battery types at the same time. Example: Don't simultaneously charge 2.2Ah and 4Ah batteries


California Heat 7V Heated Clothing & Accessories are compatible with ALL Gerbing & Gyde products. Also compatible with some other heated brands, however, you must CONTACT US FIRST for compatibility with connecting to other brands.

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