7V Spark Battery + Wall Charger

7V Spark Battery + Wall Charger

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**Battery same as new orange generation, just will not work with other brand's built-in button gear*


Single Wall Charger & rechargeable 7.4V lithium-ion battery to power your 7V heated gear - 3500 mAh makes it one of the most powerful heated clothing batteries around. 

  • Four power settings allows you the temperature control for your comfort levels


25% = 105° F

50% = 115° F

75% = 125° F

100% = 135° F


  • Will work with many other brands of heated clothing (push button temp control items excluded)
  • Lasts 3-10 hours on one charge (depending on the clothing item & temperature setting)
  • 3500 mAh of power lasts longer and heats up faster than most 7V heated clothing batteries
  • Life of the battery is about 500 charges
  • Single Wall Charger uses a standard 110v wall socket


Note: Extreme cold can affect battery time. Will not work with any heated clothing that has the PUSH BUTTON TEMP CONTROL


Warning: Do not leave battery powered gear on while unattended. Battery should not be submersed in water.


California Heat 7V Heated Clothing & Accessories are compatible with ALL Gerbing & Gyde products. Also compatible with some other heated brands, however, you must CONTACT US FIRST for compatibility with connecting to other brands.

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